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Selections Schedule
Thursday Night Selections Emailed
by 6:30 pm EST.
All Saturday Selections Emailed
by 11 am EST.
All Sunday Selections Emailed
by 12:00 pm EST.
Monday Night Selections Emailed
by 7 pm EST.
Please note for security reasons all selections will be emailed to you after your payment has been verified. If you have not received your selections according to the schedule listed contact RobWins at immediately.
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Selection Criteria

Each week the board is analyzed for the games that meet our strict criteria:

  • Inside Information we receive
  • Formulated Trend Analysis (Technical Handicapping)
  • In Depth Analysis of Team Matchups (Fundamental Handicapping)
  • Schedule, Revenge, Previous History (Situational Handicapping)

All games must meet the above strict criteria to be released as a RobWins Selection. We take great pride in each selection & continually research for new angles and up to date inside information to keep the winning edge.


How We Rate Our Selections

All games are rated on a star basis.
1 * rating (being the lowest and not considered an official release)
3 * (our Top Rated).
Each * represents a 50 unit play.
For example; 2* 49ers -7 (A 100 unit play on the 49ers)

*Please remember the guarantee is based following the suggested unit play per game.  It is your choice to play more or less, but the guarantee is based on following the recommended rating.



The guarantee applies to all other packages offered, as you will receive an equal package complimentary if RobWins does not at least win back the package you selected.  If you have any questions please contact for more details.

Guarantee is void if you do not play all selections recommended and/or if you do not follow our recommended unit play per game.


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