Over the past decade, laws protecting bicyclists have improved. However, drivers aren’t always aware of them or willing to obey them. That’s why we’ve added bicycle accident cases to our specialties. The team at The McLendon Law Firm knows what it takes to win a bicycle accident lawsuit. Let us fight the insurance company on your behalf, so you get the compensation you deserve. If you have been a victim of an accident while riding your bike, call the Blakely bicycle accident lawyer Robert McClendon at (229) 475-1969 today for your free consultation.

Common Causes of Blakely Bicycle Accidents

In our experience speaking with injured bicyclists, we’ve observed that the accident is rarely the fault of the rider. You probably notice that bicyclists are among the most courteous of those on the road. That’s why, more often than not, a bicycle accident is the fault of the driver. Here are some of the causes of bicycle accident cases we’ve successfully won judgments and compensation for:

  • Ignoring Bike Lanes – The goal of a bike lane is to provide a safe space for bicyclists and ideally reduce bicycle accidents. When vehicles encroach on bike lanes, or worse, ignore them, they can’t keep a biker safe. Most often, accidents occur when the driver turns right and crosses a bike lane without looking for a cyclist.
  • Side Swiping – In cases where bike lanes aren’t present, sideswipe accidents happen more often. This is when the driver fails to move away from the shoulder to give the rider enough space to safely get around the biker.
  • Door Accidents – When a driver or passenger opens their car door without looking for traffic, their door can be hit by a passing car, which will cause damage to both vehicles. However, when a door opens in front of a bicyclist, it’s usually the rider who suffers injuries.
  • Following too Closely – When drivers don’t pay attention, they’re likely to hit someone or something. This happens to bike riders too. A driver isn’t paying attention to the cyclist and comes up too quickly or too close and hits them as the rider can’t always maintain the speed that the car can. This ends in the rider being rear-ended just as if they were a car. Only the injuries tend to be significant.

Bicyclists who ride on the road must follow the same laws that vehicle operators. For the most part, they do. They know the hazards of riding and never want to be involved in an accident. If you are a responsible rider and were hit anyway, call The McLendon Law Firm for a free consultation at (229) 475-1969. We can help you recover damages from your case as we are a leading bicycle accident attorney.

Bicycle Accident Injuries Can Be Serious

Remember when you fell off your bike when you were first learning to ride? It hurt, but you were encouraged to get back on the bike and ride again. When you’re hit by a car while on your bicycle, getting back and riding again isn’t always possible. Injuries are often quite serious because a bicycle doesn’t have the protection that a car does.

  • Head Injuries – These can range from a mild concussion that resolves itself to a traumatic brain injury that leaves lasting impairment.
  • Broken Bones – Breaks and fractures can heal, but they don’t always leave the victim with the same abilities as before the accident.
  • Tooth, Jaw, and Facial Injuries – When a rider lands on their head or face, they are likely to sustain facial injuries. Broken and knocked-out teeth, broken noses and jaws, and abrasions and road rash are not uncommon.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – We all understand that these are the most serious injuries that have the most life-altering impact. Sadly, they’re all too common in bicycling accidents.

Whether bike riding is a hobby, something you do only occasionally, or your main means of transportation, when you’re injured, you deserve compensation. The McLendon Law Firm will work to ensure that you receive payment for your damaged bicycle, injuries and pain, and suffering. Call us today at (229) 475-1969 to schedule your no obligation consultation. Remember, you pay nothing unless we recover payment for your losses.

How a Blakely Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Cycling accidents are different in many ways from car accidents. Although there may be witnesses and the cause of the accident may appear evident, the driver’s insurance will try to make you, the bicyclist, the guilty party, and the reason for the accident. As an experienced bicycle accident lawyer, we will work to gather evidence to prove that the person who hit you was responsible for the accident. We’ll work to prove that they were negligently operating their vehicle, which caused you harm.

Let The McLendon Law Firm Help You Recover Damages

In every accident case, we fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve, not just the minimal offer from the insurance company. If you’ve been a victim of a car accident, we will work to ensure you are properly compensated for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Quality of life changes
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation

Because we’re an experienced bicycle accident attorney, we know what to expect for a settlement and how to negotiate the best possible offer for your case. In the event that the defendant’s insurance won’t negotiate, we are not afraid of going to court. You can trust The McLendon Law Firm with your case, so call us today for a free consultation – (229) 475-1969.

What if I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet?

Whether you were wearing a helmet or not has nothing to do with who was at fault in the case, you are still entitled to compensation.

I Was Found Partially at Fault; Can You Still Help?

Chances are good that we can. Every case is different, and we would be happy to discuss yours with you at no charge.

Don’t Handle Your Bicycle Accident Claim Alone, Call Us.

Robert McClendon has vast experience as a bicycle accident attorney. He has successfully negotiated and won millions for his clients but isn’t afraid to go to court when necessary. You’ll find him listed on Super Lawyer’s® Rising Stars list for the past three years, showing he’s a name you can trust with your case. Let our team help you recover damages. Our services are free unless you get paid. Call us today at (229) 475-1969 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free, confidential consultation. Se Habla Español.




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