Dog bites can leave lasting scars, both physically and emotionally. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog bite or injured by any pet, you should talk to the experienced Blakely dog bite lawyer Robert McClendon. The McLendon Law Firm has successfully helped clients throughout the Blakely metro area with their dog bite cases. We want to help you recover damages, so call us today for a free consultation at (229) 475-1969.

Owners Have a Responsibility to Control Their Pets

The owner of the pet may accuse you of doing something to provoke the animal because “he’s never done anything like this before.” Assuming you didn’t do anything like hitting the dog or throwing rocks at him, the owner is most likely liable for your injuries; whether the dog has ever had aggressive tendencies before doesn’t matter in your case.

How The McLendon Law Firm Will Help

As an experienced Blakely dog bite attorney, we know what questions to ask you and what evidence to gather. Once we decide to work together, we will:

  • Record your statement.
  • Gather witness statements.
  • Review your current medical bills and learn what you are facing in the future.
  • Include lost wages as well as counseling and property damage when necessary.
  • Share with you the initial settlement offer we feel is appropriate based on your injuries, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and the negligence of the dog owner.
  • Present the offer to the other party’s insurance company or lawyer.
  • Negotiate the settlement based on their counter offer.

If they won’t provide you with a reasonable settlement, we are prepared to go into mediation or even to trial. We do all the hard work, and you focus on your recovery. All you need to do to get started is call us to schedule your free consultation at (229) 475-1969. Our services cost you nothing unless we win.

What You Should Do if You’ve Been a Victim of a Dog Attack

Close to five million people are bitten by pets each year in the U.S. alone. Do you know what to do if you’re a victim? Depending on the severity of the injuries, steps one and two may be reversed.

  1. Seek medical attention. If the bite breaks the skin, you may be exposed to any number of diseases and, even if the bleeding isn’t severe, you should have it attended to by a professional.
  2. Assuming the injuries aren’t life-threatening, call the police, so there is an official record of the attack. If they are, the chances are good that an ambulance will be called, and a police report will be filed on your behalf. The dog’s owner will likely ask you not to call the police, but it is in your best interest to do so.
  3. Gather witness information if the police don’t arrive at the scene in a timely manner. Witnesses will strengthen your stance that you did nothing to provoke the animal.
  4. Call The McLendon Law Firm at (229) 475-1969 and ask for a free consultation if you’re in the Blakely Metro area. If not, find a local dog bite attorney close to you.
  5. Start documenting everything having to do with your injuries, including doctor’s appointments, miles driven to the appointments, lost wages, pain levels, and anything else related to the case.

A few things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t give a statement to the dog owner’s insurance company
  • Don’t brush off your injuries
  • Don’t wait to obtain legal representation

We Win Dog Bite Cases Because We Know the Law

Most dog owners are responsible. They love their pets and don’t think of them as aggressive. However, sometimes a dog feels threatened through no fault of the victim. That’s what we work to prove in your personal injury case. In order to win, we only need to prove that you did not provoke the animal and suffered injury. However, your case is stronger when one of the following is also true:

  • You were in a public place with the expectation that you were safe walking or biking
  • The injuries you suffered were not due to you provoking the person’s pet
  • The dog owner violated a local law regarding proper restraint
  • The dog has a history of aggressive behavior that may or may not include biting or is a breed that has a reputation for aggressive behavior

Let us hear your account of your dog bite attack, and we will let you know if we think you have a case and how we can help. Our consultations are free, and you never pay unless we win your case.

How Do I Prove That the Dog Who Bit Me Was Dangerous?

In a dog bite personal injury claim, whether a dog has a history of biting or not does not impact your case. All that matters is that you were injured by the dog through no fault of your own.

What if the Dog’s Owner Can’t be Located?

Your own insurance should cover your case, however, in the case of a stray, there is no one to be held liable, and chances of recovering a settlement are slim.

Should I Pursue a Claim if the Dog Belongs to a Neighbor or Friend?

If you feel the injuries warrant a claim if it were a stranger, then yes, you should pursue compensation even against a friend or neighbor.

Why Choose The McLendon Law Firm as Your Dog Bite Attorney?

Our experience speaks for itself. Robert McClendon has been aggressively fighting for his personal injury clients since founding his firm in 2014. Super Lawyers® has consistently ranked him as one of the Rising Stars among personal injury attorneys in Georgia.

He’s not afraid to take a case to court and has successfully argued cases in front of local, state, and superior courts. He knows the law and has experience as a dog bite attorney. You can trust that he’ll represent you in your case just a vigorously as he’s represented other personal injury clients. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation at (229) 475-1969 or fill out our contact form. We work on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay us for our services unless we win. Se Habla Español.




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