Electric scooters are a fun and convenient way to get around Blakely. However, they’re involved in many accidents throughout the area. Scooter injuries are often more severe than motorcycle and bicycle accidents because few scooter riders wear helmets. It’s estimated that in 2020 approximately 30,000 people suffered injuries while riding electric scooters nationwide. If you were injured either because of a careless scooter rider or as an electric scooter rider, you might need an Blakely electric scooter accident lawyer.

The McLendon Law Firm represents victims of electric scooter accidents. We know how to get you the compensation for your injuries and losses that you deserve, even if you are partly to blame for the accident. Our consultations are free, and if we take your case, you never pay us a dime until we win. Call us today at (229) 475-1969.

The McLendon Law Firm Can Help You with Your Case

Insurance companies will do all they can to avoid paying on a claim. Whether you are at fault or another party, your injuries and more should be covered. The experienced team at The McLendon Law Firm is ready to ensure you get the coverage you are entitled to. We will do that by:

  • Learning about your case through speaking with you, other victims in your party, witnesses, and reviewing the accident report.
  • Investigating the scene when necessary to gather relevant details not included in the witness statements or police report.
  • Determining the at-fault party or parties while reducing your involvement in the electric scooter accident. We will consult accident and medical experts when necessary to come up with your case value.
  • Communicating and negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company.

If they refuse to provide you with a fair offer, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial. We’re not afraid to present our evidence to a jury.

Types of Electric Scooter Accidents

No matter the type of accident, injuries can range from minor to significant. Nearly all electric scooter accidents we’ve handled for our clients fall into one of five primary categories. Scooter vs. scooter collisions

  1. Scooter vs. pedestrian collisions
  2. Scooter vs. bicycle collision
  3. Scooter vs. passenger vehicle collisions
  4. Scooter malfunctions

When everyone follows the rules of the road, most electric scooter accidents are avoidable. However, that doesn’t happen with any type of vehicle. That’s why we’ve developed a specialty as an electric scooter accident attorney.

Electric Scooter Accident Injuries

When you’re riding a scooter, you’re operating a motor vehicle. You must obey the rules of the road and ride in the street. Other vehicles are supposed to obey the rules with you. When they don’t, you end up injured. Because you’re not in a car or likely wearing a helmet, you’re not protected at all. That leads to injuries that range from mild to severe including:

  • Abrasions and road rash
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Facial trauma, including broken and lost teeth
  • Head injuries
  • Lost limbs
  • Paralysis

Who Will Pay for My Injuries in My E-Scooter Accident?

A lot depends on the responsible party and the details of the accident. The police report will always have some indication of the at-fault party. When you work with an e-scooter accident lawyer, they will find out if any other parties could be responsible other than those listed. The McLendon Law Firm has specialists and experts ready to review the facts of your case to ensure that we find all responsible parties. We know what we can recover from each entity, and we will do everything we can to recoup your losses, including:

  • Hospital and other medical bills
  • Lost wages, including disability claims
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Counseling and emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

When an e-scooter accident personal injury claim turns into a wrongful death suit, we can continue to pursue justice. At The McLendon Law Firm, we have experience in wrongful death claims. We can be reached anytime by calling (229) 475-1969 or filling out our contact form.

Can I Sue the Scooter Manufacturer?

That depends on what we determine the cause of the accident to be. If there was a malfunction, poor maintenance, or another issue with the scooter itself, likely, yes.

How Long Do I Have to File My Scooter Accident Claim?

In most cases, the case will fall under personal injury law, and you will have two years. The exception is if a municipality is responsible for your accident, in which case the statute of limitations is six months.

Can You Help if My Medical Insurance Isn’t Covering My Claim?

Yes, your personal medical coverage should cover your claim if you were involved in a single-person accident or a hit and run. We can help you.

Why You Need The McLendon Law Firm Helping You

As a leading electric scooter accident attorney, we’ve helped countless other clients with their e-scooter injury claims. Most of the electric scooter accident cases fall under a personal injury lawsuit, although some tragically include wrongful death. When you try to handle negotiations with an insurance company, they will not voluntarily fully compensate you for all your losses like future earnings losses and pain and suffering.

That’s why having an experienced electric scooter accident lawyer on your team is essential. At The McLendon Law Firm, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your injuries, losses, and pain and suffering and determine what fair compensation would be. We were again named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers® and are highly rated on Avvo.com. We are the scooter accident attorneys you want on your side, no matter the size of your case. As a smaller Blakely personal injury firm, we will give your case the personalized attention it deserves. Remember, you pay us nothing until we win. Call us today at (229) 475-1969 or fill out our contact form. Se Habla Español.




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