Nursing homes have evolved significantly since their beginnings in the late 1800s. Once, they were run by religious groups and local philanthropists to care for those who could no longer care for themselves and had no one to care for them. The patients paid nothing to be there. They were truly a not-for-profit entity.

All too many of today’s nursing homes are more about profit than care. Sadly, this can lead to cutting corners which, in turn, leads to nursing home abuse and neglect. The McLendon Law Firm can help if you or a loved one suffered neglectful or abusive care at a Blakely area nursing home. We are a leading and skilled nursing home abuse lawyer. Call us today to learn if you have a case for nursing home abuse at (229) 475-1969 for a free consultation.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Are More Common Than You May Think

Because of profit and the sheer volume of patients in today’s nursing homes, abuse and neglect cases are on the rise. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Lack of sufficient staff to meet the needs of the patients
  2. Staff fear of losing their job for complaining or reporting issues
  3. Poor management

Although it is impossible to determine the exact number of patients suffering neglect, a recent study estimated the number to be close to 40%. When it comes to abuse, the number is estimated around 25%. Because many of those suffering from abuse or neglect have some level of cognitive impairment, it’s impossible to know the exact numbers.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

All nursing homes, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and memory care facilities must meet certain standards. There are state-mandated ratios for staff to patients. When levels fall below the requirements, your loved one can suffer both abuse and neglect. A few signs include:

  • Unexplained injuries such as bruising, cuts, or bandages covering wounds and bedsores
  • Rapid weight gain or loss and dehydration
  • Changes in behavior like sudden requests to be alone, fear of being touched, reduced verbal communication.
  • Sudden requirement of restraints or sedatives without your consultation.

If you see any of these signs or if your loved one refuses to speak in front of a staff member, they may be abusing them in some way. Let The McLendon Law Firm step in and help. We can get to the bottom of your case, break any contracts and have your loved one moved. Our nursing home abuse lawyer will ensure you receive proper compensation for the abuse and neglect. Don’t delay. Call us today at (229) 475-1969 for a free consultation.

How Can a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Help Me?

If you are the spouse or have a power of attorney for a loved one in a nursing home and suspect abuse or neglect of your loved one, you should call a nursing home abuse lawyer like The McLendon Law Firm. We provide confidential and comprehensive assistance to those who have suffered abuse and neglect as a nursing home abuse attorney and nursing home neglect lawyer. Here is how we can help:

  • Request and review medical records and, when necessary, consult our medical experts regarding the injuries resulting from abuse or neglect.
  • Interview witnesses for additional information to support your case.
  • Compile losses your loved one suffered due to negligence or abuse.
  • Submit a settlement request for your loved one, including all damages.

In cases where the nursing home denies wrongdoing or rejects our attempt to get you a fair settlement, we are prepared to file a lawsuit on your and your loved one’s behalf. When you trust The McLendon Law Firm with your case, you won’t need to deal with insurance companies or the nursing home again. We will be your voice. Call us today and tell us about your loved one’s abuse or neglect, and we’ll let you know if we think you have a case – (229) 475-1969.

How Do You Determine If My Case Is Neglect or Abuse?

Nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect can occur individually or simultaneously. When you tell us about the situation you or a loved one suffered, we will let you know whether you have a case for neglect or abuse. A few examples of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse – Although hitting, pushing, and kicking are included in physical abuse. It’s much more common in a nursing home for physical abuse to include things like rough handling during bed changes. If we find and can prove that a staff member knowingly or intentionally harmed your loved one, you have a case for nursing home abuse.
  • Sexual abuse – This is not as common as physical abuse. It does happen. Not only by staff, but sometimes patients are guilty of sexually abusing other patients.
  • Emotional abuse – Nursing home caregivers, both nurses and other staff, are to treat your loved ones with care and kindness. It’s not uncommon for overworked, exhausted, and burned-out staff to yell, berate, or otherwise cause emotional distress to your loved one.
  • Financial abuse – This is the rarest of the types of nursing home abuse cases, but it does happen. Often underpaid staff helps themselves to a resident’s wallet, and other times they pressure the resident to tip or reward them.

Abuse most often occurs due to untrained, exhausted, and uncaring staff. Much isn’t reported because of fear by the resident of repercussions and fear by other staff members for their jobs.
Nursing home neglect has a much more straightforward definition. Anytime a resident suffers physical harm or fails to meet the basic daily needs of a resident due to the lack of care, there is a case of nursing home neglect. The McLendon Law Firm has both skilled nursing home neglect attorneys and abuse attorneys. Our consultation is always free, and you pay nothing unless we win your case. Call us today at (229) 475-1969 to schedule your confidential and free consultation.

I Believe the Nursing Home Caused My Loved One’s Death. Can You Help?

Yes, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. Sadly, many nursing home neglect cases end in wrongful death.

How Much Will the Case Cost Us?

We work on a contingency fee which means you pay us nothing unless we collect a settlement or jury award for you. We have some of the lowest contingency fees in the area.

The McLendon Law Firm Want to Help Your Loved One

Just because your loved one is in a nursing facility doesn’t mean they deserved to suffer or die. Let our experienced nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer investigate their situation and help you get the compensation they deserve. Call us today for a free consultation at (229) 475-1969 or fill out our contact form. We’re highly rated by Avvo and Super Lawyers®. Se Habla Español.




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