Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber continue to grow in popularity throughout metro Blakely. However, riding in one does not provide you the same liability protection that taking a taxi might. Although there are regulations in place to help protect Uber customers, like car inspections and verification of the driver’s history, they’re not always followed.

When you’re in an Uber accident in Blakely, you need a car accident lawyer skilled in rideshare lawsuits to help you. The McLendon Law Firm has the experience to handle your case. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your Uber accident, and we’ll let you know if we can help. Call (229) 475-1969 or fill out our contact form today.

How We Fight for You

Because we know the laws pertaining to rideshare drivers, we know the coverage available to you no matter the situation. The coverage they’re required to have varies whether they’re simply driving around waiting for a passenger or have a paying fair on board and even if they’re in the process of ending the ride. The McLendon Law Firm knows the insurance requirements and your rights.
Once you agree to let us be your Uber accident lawyer, we will get to work to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your injuries and losses. We will:

  • Thoroughly investigate the accident and its cause
  • Determine whether your driver or the other was at fault
  • Identify the insurance companies and available coverage
  • Present what we – our experts and you – feel is a fair settlement
  • Work until you accept an offer from the other insurance company or through negotiation, mediation, or a trial

You can trust that Robert McClendon and his team will aggressively pursue an award for your case.

Damages You Can Claim in Your Uber Accident Claim

Personal injury cases include more than just medical bills. When you let us help you with your case, you’re much more likely to get a bigger settlement because we know everything we can claim in your lawsuit. The most common elements of an Uber accident claim include:

  • Medical costs including hospital and doctor bills as well as all follow-up treatment.
  • Lost income from missed work.
  • Expenses related to your medical appointments, including mileage or transportation.
  • Pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life in the event you suffered permanent injuries.

It’s obvious that some of these expenses are clear, like your total medical costs. However, others, like pain and suffering, are more difficult to evaluate. That’s why you need an experienced Uber accident attorney like The McLendon Law Firm. We know how to put a dollar amount on your suffering and, when applicable, their negligence.

Trust the Team at The McLendon Law Firm

You may wonder why you should consider a smaller firm as your Uber accident attorney. When it comes to rideshare accidents, the size of the firm doesn’t matter. Their experience in rideshare accident lawsuits does. Their passion for their clients’ rights does.

As a small firm, Robert McClendon is personally involved in every case. We also know that no two cases are the same or deserve the same settlement. We keep our clients informed of the progress of their cases every step of the way. And, because we don’t have national advertising campaigns or expensive offices in the heart of downtown, our contingency fees are less than the average personal injury attorney.

Why Uber Accidents Are Different Than a Regular Car Accident

Hiring an Uber for transportation isn’t exactly like hiring a taxi company. With a taxi company, the driver is an employee. Both the driver and the company can be held liable for your accident. With an Uber accident, the driver is an independent contractor of the major corporation who has no liability for your accident in the majority of cases. That is just one reason to hire an Uber accident attorney if you’ve been injured in an Uber or by an Uber driver, whether in the vehicle or not.

With all that being said, there are times when Uber or the rideshare company may be liable. A few of those instances include:

  • Failure to reject an application of a known dangerous driver.
  • Neglecting to follow up on the required vehicle inspection.
  • Ignoring customer complaints about a driver’s unsafe behavior.
  • Failure to remove a driver from the app when there is cause to do so.

Most often, when you’re in a car accident and suffer injuries, you are either the driver or passenger in a car of someone you know. If it’s your car, your insurance and possibly the insurance of the other driver will cover damages and injuries. Although Uber drivers are required by Georgia law to carry liability and personal injury coverage, they don’t always do so. That may also leave Uber liable.

Does It Matter If the Uber Driver or other Driver Was at Fault in My Accident?

No, your injuries will still be covered no matter who was at fault. However, navigating the complexities of insurance is best handled by an experienced Uber accident attorney.

I Was Hit by an Uber Driver Without a Passenger, Does That Matter?

It does. Depending on whether the driver was logged in to the app accepting rides, or simply a driver on the road in his personal car will make a difference in how your case will be handled.

Can You Help Me in My Lawsuit Against Uber?

We would be happy to talk to you regarding your case and whether it should be against the driver, Uber, or both.

Call The McLendon Law Firm Today If You’ve Been Injured in an Uber Accident

We’re experienced Uber accident lawyers and ready to take your case. When you call us, your consultation is free, and if we take your case, we won’t charge you until we win. You can trust our experience as an Uber accident attorney and personal injury lawyer. As a small firm, we understand every case is different and are driven to successfully win every case we take on. Contact us today or call us at (229) 475-1969. Se Habla Español. Find us on Super Lawyers® as a three-time Rising Star recipient.




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