Personal Injury Vs. Bodily Injury: Here’s what You Need to Know

There are different levels of insurance coverage for a car accident. If someone else was at fault for the accident, you would be able to file a claim against their car insurance. However, there is still a possibility that your insurance would cover some of your own damages, even when someone else was not responsible.

Some drivers will have personal injury protection with their car insurance policy. This will pay for their own medical expenses and some of their damages, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. This will not include things such as lost wages and pain and suffering that are a part of car accident settlements. This coverage will allow the injured policyholder payment for hospitalization and medical procedures. If someone was killed, their family could receive funeral expenses.

How Bodily Injury Coverage Works

Bodily injury coverage is different. This would cover a driver for the harm and damage that they do to someone else in a crash when they are at fault. While this provides a degree of protection for a driver who does something wrong on the road, it does nothing to help them with their own costs in the event of an accident. This is why it is critical to have an attorney to advance your side of the story when it comes to determining liability. This is even more crucial when you do not have personal injury protection as part of your insurance.

Calling an attorney after a car accident is one of the most important things that you can do. The McLendon Law Firm in Blakely, Georgia can help. Contact us online or call us today at (229) 475-1969 to schedule a free consultation.


How is fault in a car accident determined?

The driver who acted recklessly or unreasonably will be the one responsible.

Does every accident have an at-fault driver?

No. There are some accidents where neither driver is at fault.

How can a lawyer help your case?

An attorney can gather evidence to help prove that someone else was responsible for the accident.



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